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What is Purim?

Purim celebrates the story of brave Queen Esther stopping an evil plan to destroy the Jewish people. It’s celebrated by dressing up, giving gifts and charity, retelling the story, and skiing (ok, not usually skiing, but that’s how we roll here in Vermont).

Do I have to be Jewish to participate?

Absolutely not! All joy-seekers are welcome.

Are lift tickets or Ski or Snowboard rentals included?

No. You will need to purchase your lift ticket from the resort.

Are costumes required?

Yes! Well, not really required, but you gotta do it! All the cool kids will be wearing costumes. Let your inner child come and play! A costume can be a crazy hat or as wild as your imagination can go. Costumes must be safe to load the chairlift (nothing that can get caught on the lift) and all skiers/riders must wear a helmet.

What’s up with food?

Different locations have different plans. Please check the mountain you plan to attend for the details

What if I don’t ski or snowboard?

Join us for the colorful fun! Vote in the costume contest! Enter a raffle! Volunteer! Good times to be had for all.

What if I’m a beginner skier or snowboarder?

Take a lesson! Find out about the terrain at your location and plan to start on green runs.

What if my family has special needs?

Most mountain resorts have Adaptive Ski Programs. Please check with the mountain to see if they can accommodate you. If we can help, please contact to let us know.

How is this funded?

Through generous individual donors like you!

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